LOOK: Cool Concept Art of Liza Soberano’s ‘More Conservative’ Darna Costume

We’ve all seen the old Darna costume and how little of the body it actually covers up. So, imagine our surprise, when the Internet started talking about a more conservative costume for when Liza Soberano takes the helm and puts on the suit.

In the 70s, Mars Ravelo originally created the Filipina’s superhero costume, which has now become quite iconic to the people of the Philippines. The superhero is a huge hit to this day and the excitement to see this generation’s It Girl fill her shoes is quite exciting. Mars’ son Rex Ravelo, however, has commented that Darna’s costume this time around will be more covered up compared to before.

While we’re not exactly sure what that means just yet, artist John Dimayuga came up with some great concept art on what it might look like. Check it out:

You may also click here to see it if the photo isn’t showing up.

What are your thoughts on a more conservative look for our Filipina superhero?