ENTERTAINMENT: Taiwan to Remake “Meteor Garden”

Did we just go back in time?

We got Beauty and the Beast recently, and then the classic Tamagotchi is also making a comeback.

It kind’a feels like the 2000s again.

Another one that is reportedly making a comeback is the hit Taiwanese TV Series ‘Meteor Garden’.

Meteor Garden

According to the show’s creator, Angie Chai, ‘Meteor Garden’ will soon get a reboot. The announcement was done on April 11, exactly 16 years since the show was launched. ‘Meteor Garden’ was derived from┬áthe Japanese comic series Boys Over Flowers.

The original ‘Meteor Garden’ starred Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Van Ness Wu, or collectively known as F4.

Chai announced about remaking the show via Weibo. This was done after a nostalgic post by Barbie Hsu, who played Jerry Yan’s love interest, Shan Cai.

Hsu shared three photos taken with the producer, saying they had reminisced about the past recently. She also said, “She knows I’m honest, but still told me a secret. I’ll wait for her to tell you herself.”

For the new show, Chai told Apple Daily about the new cast, “We may use new people, idols or serious actors. Everyone is welcome to offer candidates.”

Chai also revealed that they are still at the scriptwriting stage. It might be possible that Yan and the other original cast will have cameos.

Are you psyched for the ‘Meteor Garden’ reboot?

h/t: straitstimes.com