ENTERTAINMENT: Lindsay Lohan invites Emma Stone to join ‘Mean Girls 2’ sequel

Is #fetch happening for Emma Stone?

Just recently, actress Lindsay Lohan took it to her Instagram and Twitter how she wanted the 28-year-old to join the cast of the Mean Girls sequel.

According to Independent, “the 2004 film has its own Broadway musical set to premiere in October of this year”.


Although the Instagram post has been deleted, the Tweet is still up as of posting. Some fans were able to take a screenshot of Lohan’s Instagram post before she took it down.

Fans acknowledge the similarities of the physical attributes between the two actresses such as their iconic red hair and green eyes.

Lohan’s indirect tweet to Emma Stone is actually a few of the requests she announced on her social media accounts with her birthday coming up on July 2nd.


According to DigitalSpy, “the Mean Girls musical is set to premiere in October in Washington DC’s National Theatre before it heads back to New York for its big Broadway debut in Spring 2018. Tickets are on sale now.”

What do you think? Will Emma Stone fit well as a Mean Girl? Let us know in the comments below!

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