ENTERTAINMENT: Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Just Reunited And Our Team Jacob Hearts Can’t Handle!

Remember the year 2008 when everyone and everything were all about vampires? Yeah, those were the days when vampires were the dominating creatures in entertainment, and it was all because of that groundbreaking book saga that you may have heard of.

Twilight was a phenomenon and there’s no sense denying it. That’s why we couldn’t even handle it when two of the star of the films were reunited.

Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in the movies, and Taylor Lautner, the ripped dude who played the werewolf Jacob, were spotted together at an after party in Los Angeles.

kristen stewart taylor lautner

And yes, a lot has definitely changed in the past nine years, but our admittedly Twi-hard hearts really couldn’t handle this reunion.

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It seemed like a perfect opportunity for us to look back at Kristen and Taylor’s friendship.

Honestly, who would want a pale sparkly vampire when you could have a guy who can turn into a wolf and has actual abs? #TeamJacob all the way!

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