ENTERTAINMENT: Fil-Am child singer proceeds to ‘America’s Got Talent’ finals

Fil-Am singer Angelica Singer is heading to the finals of America’s Got Talent.

The 10-year-old singer won over fellow child singer Celine Tam from Hong Kong.

Watch his performance below that earned Angelica a standing ovation from the four judges. She performed David Guetta’s Without You.

“Gosh, I think that you are a phenomenon, OK? And you, by the way, young lady, you are my personal favorite. And I hope America agrees with me,” Heidi Klum said.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell said, “There’s nothing worse than sitting here and hearing what I’ve heard before on other shows or on our shows. You took a risk. Like I said last week, the only risk is mediocrity. That was not mediocre.”

Another judge, Howie Mandel said, “You know, another wow moment for your years. And that range, and the control you have of your voice, I gotta say, you made tonight tougher than it ever could be.”

Congratulations Angelica! Good luck on the finals!

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