ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Birdshot’ is PH’s entry to 2018 Oscar Foreign Language Film category

The Philippines already has made its selection for the 2018 Oscar Foreign Language Film category. The movie Birdshot was chosen by the Film Academy of the Philippines. This was confirmed via Facebook post shown below.

Synopsis: Maya, a hunter’s daughter who lives near the reservation. She accidentally shoots a Philippine eagle not knowing that it is an endangered species. She becomes the center of a manhunt by the abusive local police force.

Here’s the teaser of the movie.

John Arcilla, Ku Aquino, and Mary Joy Apostol star in the film. It is Mary Joy’s debut movie and she plays Maya. Mikhail Red directed the movie and Pamela Reyes produced it.

Earlier in 2017, Birdshot won Best Film at the 2017 Tokyo International Film Festival.

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