ENTERTAINMENT: Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Are Engaged

Looks like 2016 is ending with celebrity couples getting engaged!

A few days back, Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff revealed that they are finally engaged!

Now, Anne’s co-hosts on “It’s Showtime,” Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are also engaged!

The engagement was revealed by director Gino Santos via Instagram.

He posted the photo below with caption, “Omg! This just happened!!! Congratulations. I love you both.” The hashtag “#ColeenSaidYes” was used followed by a diamond ring emoji.

In another Instagram post, the director shared about how Billy planned for a year for this moment.

Billy and Coleen have been together since 2014.

Apparently, the two will take a vacation in Spain soon where Billy will meet Coleen’s family.

Congratulations, you guys!

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