ENTERTAINMENT: Bea Alonzo Shares How She Got Over Her Fear of Dogs

Who would have thought that Bea Alonzo used to be so scared of dogs? Apparently, this mestiza beauty had a traumatic experience with a dog at the age of six, and since then she had never held one until only recently after someone surprised her with a super cute white Maltese.

On her recent Instagram post, the 30-year-old actress shared pictures of her holding a white puppy that she named Walter White. Check it out below:

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When I was 6 years old, I was trapped inside a dog house. Yes, trapped. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins and I don’t know what got into my head that I decided to hide inside a dog house. I was attacked by the dog (who had just given birth and was disturbed by the naughty little girl). That incident made me fear dogs for the past 24 years,” she wrote.

Alonzo, who admitted she’d been afraid of dogs for the past 24 years, however, had a change of heart when she got a cute puppy from someone who she only referred to as a “nice guy.” She did scream the first time and said that she probably even scared the person who gave it to her.

But since my new year’s resolution is to get over my fear of dogs, I just went for it and held him. And he is the gentlest dog I have ever seen. Fell in love with him instantly,” she continued.

The actress revealed that she is still scared. She may not be completely over her fear yet, but this is one huge step to conquering it. According to her, the public will be seeing a lot of Walter White on her Instagram, as she is “currently obsessed with him.” Guess we will all be, too, soon!

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