ENTERTAINMENT: Anne Curtis Smith’s birthday greeting for sister Jasmine will make you AWW!

Have you seen Anne Curtis-Smith‘s recent posts on Instagram? To celebrate her sister Jasmine’s 24th birthday, she expressed online how much she means to her.

Other than a photo she recently uploaded of her Jasmine with a lengthy caption expressing her love and warmest birthday wishes, she also took it to her Instagram stories how she enjoys being an Ate to her younger sister.

The two have a ten-year gap, but still has a tight-knit relationship! Do you also see how they look very much alike?


In case you missed out Anne’s Instagram stories, she uploaded how their sisterhood transpired from childhood to the present. Just look how adorable these two are, and how they’ve bloomed!

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Of course, she shares Ate advice to her younger sister, and how she’ll always be there for her.

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What a sweet sisterhood these two have! Happy birthday, Jasmine!

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