Enhypen’s Jake Vibes to ‘Raining In Manila’ by Lola Amour: “It’s a good song!”

Jake of South Korean group Enhypen vibed to Raining In Manila by Filipino rock band Lola Amour during his live on July 14.

He asked for song recommendations via Weverse Live after listening to BTS’ Jungkook’s latest single Seven. Filipino Engenes commented Raining In Manila, which the K-pop idol immediately noticed.

Jake Enhypen

Screenshot: Weverse

Jake listened to the song while swaying and expressed his admiration for the melody, “There’s no English [lyrics], so I don’t know what it means, but I like the melody.”

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He further said that he thought it was literally raining in Manila when he saw the fans commenting “Raining In Manila.” Before proceeding to the next song recommendation, he complimented the OPM song again, “It’s actually a good song!”

Someone even commented in Korean to ask for the song’s title! “It’s called Raining In Manila by Lola Amour,” the K-pop idol responded. Filipino Engenes uploaded the video clip of Jake dancing to the song on Twitter. Lola Amour was surprised to find out about it!

“WAIT LANG GUYS NASA GIG KAMI PERO LAHAT KAMI NAGKAKAGULO,” [sic] the band wrote on a Twitter post.

On July 10, Enhypen’s leader Jungwon also said he’d listen to the song after a fan recommended it on Weverse.

Raining In Manila is a melancholic song with upbeat instrumentals about longing for someone in a rainy season. It was released on June 2023.

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