English Indie Pop Band The xx Brought their Soulful Music to Manila for the Second Time

Words and graphics by Verna Sevilla
Photos by Courtney Sayson, Kae Adriano and Verna Sevilla

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“Can you keep a secret Manila? You’ve been my favorite audience this year,” Oliver Sim, the band’s bassist and vocals said to the concert goers on the xx’s Asian leg tour in Manila. The last time the xx was here was in 2013, where they played their minimalistic melodies at NBC tent—but this year, the xx kicked off another show in Manila, playing some of their newer hit tunes like ‘I Dare You’, ‘On Hold’, and ‘Say Something Loving’.

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The xx is an English indie pop band that hails from Wandsworth, London, composed of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. The xx I See You Tour that was held at the World Trade Center, but their nostalgic tunes has been echoing throughout the whole indie music scene or many years.

Knowing them since 2012, personally, I appreciate the evolution of their aesthetic that was projected upon their vibrant set which was composed of different colored lighting and a combination of mist. Everything blended well with the set design’s concept and the simplicity but eagerly soothing music from the band.

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“I can tell really this is going to be a very good one. Thank you so much for being here, it means the world to us, SO we’ve done something special. This next song, this is the first time we’ve played it in five years.” These words were according to Sim before they performed ‘Reunion’, which was last played at the Popload Festival back in 2013. The xx is full of surprises, and their Manila fans were given a special treat to begin their 2018.

Croft and Sim’s vocals haven’t faded through the years. They’ve gotten even better instead, giving us that pure, expressive voice every time the duo sang together. Smith’s flowy beats captured the fans’ hearts and got them dancing to the tune of his DJ set remixing ‘Loud Places’ which was released last year.

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“And thank you for singing along with us, that was really beautiful, this next song means a lot to me and I’m gonna be playing it on my own,” Croft said with a grateful mood and sang ‘Performance’. It’s a song from their latest album, a solo, written by her. All the lights were drawn at her which made for an incredible moment.

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Croft greeted everyone and made a speech out of the gratefulness they felt after playing their well known track, Intro: “We are very far away from home, but you’ve made us feel welcome and it means a lot to us. I don’t want to repeat myself but thank you so much.” “We always wanted you to know, that every time you see us play, is that we appreciate each and every single one of you for being here.”

The xx wrapped the show up with the classic song ‘Angels’ from the album Coexist. And with that, we were all contented with what the xx’s had to offer.

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The I See You Asia 2018 – Manila show happened thanks to MyMusicTaste, and with the help of the xx fans for initiating votes for the band to be here and making every fan’s concert memorable! Further information can be found at www.mymusictaste.com

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