England’s Smallest Castle Is For Sale And It’ll Make Your Fairytales Come True

Have you ever wanted to be a prince or a princess when you were little? Well, now you can finally live out your childhood royalty fantasies!

Even if you can’t snag your own Prince Charming, then at the very least you can buy your own castle.

England smallest castle

England’s smallest castle is for sale, and it’s not as expensive as you may think!

The property is at .61 acres or about .24 hectares, and on it stands a Grade II castle that conjures the most idyllic reveries.

England smallest castle 2

The scenic home, located near Long Compton in Warwickshire, was designed by British architect Edward Blore, the same architect who extended Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria. The castle was constructed as a gatehouse for the Weston Park Estate in Cotswolds.

England smallest castle 3

Its interiors feature a rustic aesthetic, with Victorian touches that can make anyone feel like they’re in a fairytale!

England smallest castle 4

The gardens are nothing to scoff at, either, with a picturesque courtyard that includes a pond and a stone path.

England smallest castle 5

There’s also a nearby guesthouse which, although pretty nondescript on the outside, has beautifully quaint interiors that will make the perfect staycation!

The property costs £550,000 ($688,710 or roughly 34.18 million pesos!) not a bad price to pay if you get a beautiful castle in return.

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