Engaged Couple Ages 50 Years in Few Minutes

Do you sometimes wonder what you’d look like 20, 50 or 70 years from now? I’m sure you all wish you’d age nicely with fair skin, few wrinkles, and a whole set of hair. More than just or own appearances, I’m sure a lot of you also wonder what your partner would look like. Most of us will just have to wait ’till that time comes, but what if you could get a glimpse of that in just a few minutes?

Thanks to the magical hands of a few make-up professionals, college sweethearts Kristie Scherrer and Tavis Doucette get a special sneak peek on their future just a month before their wedding.

 “To see her look like this makes me just think of where we have gone to be next to each other looking like this and what would’ve happened in between.”

In the video, you’d see how the couple also get more and more emotional as they continue to age. They share how seeing each other this way makes them wonder what happened in the years between. The couple get really emotional as they really see their partner (and themselves) age n just a few minutes. Reminds me of that old Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto movie where Rico Yan feared commitment after imagining Claudine age horribly.

I thought this collaboration with Cut Video and Field Day was really cool and I’m sure it was an awesome experience for the couple.

What do you guys think? Would you volunteer for this experiment?


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