Young Innovators Unite in Enderun’s The Next Bright Idea: A Celebration of Innovation and Design

Enderun Colleges’ The Next Bright Idea competition concluded in a grand ceremony held at The Enderun Tent, showcasing the exceptional talent and groundbreaking ideas of young innovators.

The event brought together participants from various schools to compete in the Business Pitch Challenge and the Design Competition. After an intense evaluation process, the winners were finally announced, receiving well-deserved recognition for their exceptional presentations. The event also received immense support from esteemed sponsors, namely Donatela Resort and Sanctuary, Hilton Manila, Privato Hotels, and SkinCell Advanced Aesthetic Clinics.

Enderun Colleges winners

Life Academy International with creator of The Next Bright Idea, Lou Molina (leftmost) and
renowned author, Dr. Larry Gamboa (second from the right) | Photo: Enderun Colleges

It was the project named “Skimplast” from Life Academy International that clinched the prestigious grand champion title in the Business Pitch Challenge. Their revolutionary idea not only demonstrated impressive entrepreneurial skills but also exhibited a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Skimplast’s groundbreaking concept promises to make a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste, and their well-executed presentation left the judges thoroughly impressed.

“Getting exposed to actual professionals from the masterclass and panel of judges helped in giving perspective on how the real world works and the systems that make a business thrive. I appreciate how they treated us at the same level as young professionals and not like students, telling us the hard truths while also giving us the opportunity to network and learn from them” says Santiago Carlos Villongco, one of the team members.

He adds, “We are The Next Bright Idea Champion because we understand that the problems that we’re trying to face are important and that they need to be solved soon.”

Claiming the first runner-up and second runner-up spots were remarkable entries from La Salle Green Hills for the business concepts “CooCoos” and “Learnify.”

Meanwhile, the grand champion of the Design Competition was Alexandra Ish Deunida from Colegio San Agustin Makati. Her outstanding design exemplified creativity, sophistication, and a keen understanding of user needs. Deunida’s work showcased exceptional craftsmanship and an ability to push the boundaries of conventional design.

She explains, “A Next Bright Idea champion is someone who could take in the criticism even if they did a good output, then they should know that even what they did there, they can do better than that. They can strive way more upwards. I joined the Next Bright Idea because for competitions for designing, it’s barely there. I just want to make some kind of difference, and I want to prove to my parents that I can do it.”

Claiming the first runner-up spot was Patricia Megan Villa-Real from Life Academy International. The second runner-up position was awarded to Abigail Ebreo from Lorma Colleges Senior High School.

The awarding ceremony and cocktail night created an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation for the participants’ hard work. Attendees were inspired by the innovative ideas and designs presented throughout the competition, fostering an environment of creativity and collaboration.

Enderun Colleges BINI

Local girl group BINI performed an intermission song-and-dance number during the awarding ceremony. Aiah Arceta, one of the members, is a multimedia arts student at Enderun Colleges | Photo: Enderun Colleges

Reflecting on the journey of the competition, Lou Molina, the creator of The Next Bright Idea, expressed her admiration for the young participants and their ambitious ideas. Over the years, they have witnessed teenagers stepping on stage and showcasing their potential to disrupt industries and innovate the way we do things.

The competition has been a springboard for a wide range of memorable projects, such as packaging materials made of water hyacinth, a home treadmill to generate electricity, a car toilet, a mobile restaurant bus, tracking devices to locate missing items, and even whiteboard markers made from car emissions.

“Tonight’s event is filled with nostalgia and excitement as we celebrate together the eleventh Next Bright Idea competition. More than a decade ago, we created The Next Bright Idea with a vision—to empower high school students to be interested in business even before they enter college through a platform to showcase their ideas,” shares Molina.

It is worth noting that Enderun Colleges is more than just a culinary school; it has also gained a reputable standing as a distinguished institution for management and design education.

Enderun’s dedication to delivering excellence is evident through its extensive range of collaborations with esteemed academic institutions worldwide, its faculty members with educational or professional experience from institutions around the globe, and its graduates can be found in over 30 different countries, impacting real change and elevating standards.

The Next Bright Idea continues to serve as a platform for young minds to showcase their ingenuity and make a positive impact on society. As the winners bask in their well-deserved glory, the future looks promising for these budding entrepreneurs and designers, who are poised to make a significant mark in their respective fields.