Enderun Students Advance to the Regionals of Hult Prize

Hale, the Hult Prize at Enderun Colleges’ On-Campus Program champion, will be participating in the 2021 Melbourne Hult Prize Impact Summit on April 24, 2021. The team will be going up against 50 international teams to win a spot in the Accelerator Program in London, United Kingdom. The team consists of college freshmen students, Renzie Enaje, Lara Oaña, Javier “Enzo” Bustamante, and Ernest “Ejay” Tungcod and is mentored by Professor Edmond “Macky” Maceda, Mr. Eries Chan, Mr. Ghian Marucot, Ms. Rosanne “Nikki” Banzon, and Ms. Aileen Nanca.

Hale the Hult Prize at Enderun Colleges On Campus Program champion will be participating in the 2021 Melbourne Hult Prize Impact Summit on April 24 2021.

With the tagline “Pursuing Zero Waste, One Bite at a Time”, Hale aims to address the pressing issue of food waste generated from ugly produce. Globally, there are 1.3 billion tons of food wasted with 25% emanating from South and Southeast Asian countries. This results in enormous wasted resources in terms of water, land, and labor that largely contribute to global warming and climate crisis.

In addition, the first and second-runners up of Hult Prize at Enderun Colleges’ On-Campus Program will also be advancing to the Manila Hult Prize Impact Summit on April 9, 2021. Both teams have applied for the wildcard round and made it to the final 2,000 out of 300,000 applications globally. Successful contenders will also get to win a spot in the Accelerator Program.

According to Mr. Edgardo Rodriguez, President of Enderun Colleges, “The Hult Prize competition, in addition to its grown—and growing—avenue for university students around the world to turn innovation propositions into feasible business ideas, much more importantly embodies the change in mindset demanded of student would-be entrepreneurs. That mindset change is what is required by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—it is radical but necessary. Business enterprises must become social enterprises, else they will be neither sustainable nor relevant. The world’s economic progress no longer can depend on the assumptions that ‘markets know best’ or ‘the business of business is business’. That business framework has failed to improve overall economic and social progress globally. Rather, micro-small-medium, as well as large enterprises, must convert into social enterprises that both are sustainable and actually contribute to the common good. That is the universal mindset change promoted by the Hult Prize.”

Stay updated with Enderun Colleges’ Hult Prize competition journey by visiting their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/enderun.hultprize/.

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