End Street’s “Gunita” Has a Touching and Beautiful Story Behind It

End Street Gunita

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A good song is one that has a message behind it, and End Street’s “Gunita” has a touching and beautiful story.

According to Symon Durias, the vocalist of the pop-punk band, the song is about losing a loved one and living with the fact that they are never coming back.

The song is inspired by Eric JP, who passed away a little over two years ago “from reasons still unknown to many of us.” He was known for his guitar-playing skills and his personality. According to Durias, “he meant more than just a guitar player who every now and then would play in our band as a proxy; he was our great friend that the world took too soon.”

The vocalist wrote “Gunita” on the day Eric was laid to rest.

Durias shared, “It took me two years to come to terms that he will never pop up in my inbox or would randomly knock on my door bearing gifts and jokes galore. I decided to let everyone hear my song for him – for me to be at peace with the pain of his passing, and hopefully help others heal from such hurt.”

Watch the music video below:

Durias said, “Sometimes, the most painful thing is realizing that I’m starting to forget how his voice sounded. By the time we get to play this song live, I think I’ll enjoy imagining that he’d be up there with me singing, probably laughing at how my voice would crack at the highest notes.”

He added, “It can be safely assumed that most of us hope that those who passed away are still just around us, floating somewhere and keeping us safe, I too like to think that from time to time, and if I ever get the chance to talk to him again, I’d say I made good use of my days to sing about him and everyone who left that I would never want to forget.”

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