Encouraging Quotes from Fun on Fleek that Will Help You Get Ahead in Life

Article by Angela Cortero / Photos by Jeanne Dizon / Graphics by Verna Sevilla

Filed’s 2018 planner collection is perfect for channeling your most artistic selves with the tropical and feminine vibe it brings! With the planner, an agenda sleeve and a handy pen capsule, the whole bundle’s definitely got you covered for all your fun activities and ideas all year long.

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We had the most uplifting and inspirational Saturday ever with a cool series of talks, a beautiful art exhibit (or the art wall), and the cutest pop-up bazaar! Fun on Fleek’s awesome roster of today’s most influential and established freelancers, artists, and business icons gave us all the right inspos to fuel our creativity and pursue our passion. Here are the main takeaways from their talks!

They gave up the 9 to 5 to chase their dreams and turn them into a reality. We heard the pros and cons of freelancing straight from our favorite singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphics+fashion designer, and author, Reese Lansangan, graphics designer and illustrator, Raxenne Marquiz, and designer, illustrator and letterer, Risa Rodil.

  • The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should do your entire life.
  • Remember that it’s quality over quantity in building your portfolio!
  • The hardest and most frustrating part of it all is the pricing. But always consider your client’s name, and the effort and time you put to your work. But set a general or default price to your art from the beginning and adjust it according to your client’s capabilities.

Although the people around them disagreed with their plans, they chose to push through with what they believed would be a success. Today, these people are considered big shots in their own respective fields. We were graced with the most insightful lessons from the sisters that brought us Common Room Ph, Maan and Roma Agsalud, the dedicated and innovative founder of Risque Designs Ph, Tal De Guzman, and the beautiful and perseverant creator of Lana.ph skin care, Rizza Lana.

  • Time management hacks: break down your goals into tasks, prioritize your activities, and configure Google Calendar!
  • If you really want it to happen, just take the risk.
  • Here’s a reality: Expect to lose money. But there will always be a gain if you keep improving.

It took them years, like, a lot of years, to get to where they are now. They are living proofs of what passion and dedication to craft is, and today they slay the world with their success, and continue to share their artistry through blogging and vlogging. We learned the trade secrets to sustaining a name in this industry from freelance PR and social media specialist, and lifestyle blogger/vlogger, Rhea Bue, and the powerful gal behind lovechic.ph, stylist blogger/vlogger Shai Lagarde.

  • Main purpose: To educate and entertain over fame and money, always!
  • Don’t chase after the “stardom” because it’s how influential and effective your content is, not how much followers you have already.
  • Never forget where you came from, especially when you finally see yourself advancing to a good position.

The tropical and feminine vibe of Filed’s 2018 planners spread across the whole stretch of the event through the art wall and the pop-up bazaar!

Get to know more about the speakers through their social media handles!

Reese Lansangan: @reesypeasy on Instagram and Twitter, and her website
Raxenne Maniquiz: @raxenne on Instagram
Risa Rodil: @risarodil on Instagram
Roma Agsalud: @romaagsalud on Instagram
Maan Agsalud: @maanagsalud on Instagram
Tal De Guzman: @taldeguzman on Instagram, Risque Designs Ph
Riza Lana: @rizzalana and @lana.ph on Instagram

Rhea Bue: @iamthedoll on Instagram, Rhea Bue on Youtube, and her website
Shai Lagarde: Shai Lagarde on Youtube, and Love Chic Ph


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