Ely Buendia Brings Back Vinyl Records With His New Record Label

Words by Camille Geguera

In this age of digital media, who would have thought of going back to some classic vinyl to listen to some tunes? In 2016, singer-songwriter Ely Buendia collaborated with fellow musician Pat Sarabia and other businessmen friends to establish an independent record label called Offshore Music.

The label serves not only as a creative outlet for its artists but ensures that they get to hone their crafts to achieve their best forms possible. This year, Offshore Music is relaunched and presented new talents under the label.

The directors of the label are avid vinyl collectors that’s why the label focuses on producing vinyl records alongside their digital records. This is probably what sets Offshore apart from the other labels–they don’t only aim to produce music but to release “good-sounding” music.

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Offshore music 27818422

Members of Offshore Music

“Going where the sound takes us”

Offshore takes pride in catering to whatever their artists need in order to deliver the best tracks possible. In other words, they believe in what their artists can produce. “At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can stand up for your music, what you think sounds right,” Marketing director for Offshore Music and drummer, Pat Sarabia shared.

Offshore’s artists include  Jun Lopito, Eyedress,  The Late Isabel, Apartel, and Ely Buendia’s collaboration with Itchyworms–an interesting pool of artists, in my opinion. Just recently, One Click Straight also officially signed under Offshore Music and released their debut album: “Midnight Emotion.

Last March 17, The Ransom Collective released their 11-track debut album “Traces” on vinyl. The Late Isabel released their CD and vinyl version of their sophomore album, “Imperial” this year.

Apartel, Offshore’s flagship band, is the first OPM band to release a high-quality record, double 45 rpm on vinyl that was pressed in Japan.

Offshore music 27258429

One Click Straight 

What’s next for Offshore music?

“One of our dreams is to dig up classics from the past that deserve to be heard once again on a great medium like vinyl, CDs, hi-res,” Ely revealed during the press con. As a matter of fact, Jun Lopito’s album, “Bodhisattvas,” which, according to Ely, was one of the best albums during the 90s will be the first one to be reissued on vinyl. “A lot of people still care about good music, good products,” Ely added.

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Jun Lopito

Apartel will also release their sophomore album, “Full Flood,” on high-res.

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With Offshore Music’s vision, it is no doubt that there’s a lot in store for us and for the music scene. These are the kinds of people that prove that OPM never died.

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