Elorde Boxing Gym in Alabang Now Open: Make Your Unwanted Body Fat Throw in the Towel!


When in Manila and in need of a good exercise, check out the newly opened Elorde Boxing Gym in Investment Drive Alabang where you can do Boxing and Muay Thai and if you’re interested, you can also do strength and conditioning exercises. With their ad telling you to make your unwanted body fat throw in the towel, I came to look at my own body and just wanted to get back right into shape.


I first tried boxing about 3 years ago in Elorde Southmall and trained for boxing and muay thai for only about 3 months because somehow work (and life) got in the way. But I’ve always enjoyed this type of sport so I’ve always wanted to get back to doing it. By the time I  wanted to go back though, I found out that the Southmall branch I used to go to was already closed and the Sucat and Starmall Branches seemed quite a distance to go to for training. As soon as I found out that the branch in the Yupangco Building (near South Salon) in Investment Drive opened, I knew I just had to go there. The gym is a convenient location for those living in BF homes, Bf Resort, Alabang Hills or Ayala Alabang Village. It’s also convenient for those living in the nearby Cavite area as they could be use the Daang Hari Road to get to this particular Elorde branch.






It was a good thing I checked out their facebook page for the directions to their gym as there are no visible signs that would mention of an Elorde gym in the area.  We were told that the city is pretty strict in allowing banners to be placed in the area. The Gym is located on the 5th floor of the Yupangco Building in Investment Drive. If you’re familiar with South Salon, Elorde is just in the building right next to it, it’s also close to Honda Alabang. Here’s a map to help you find your way 😉



elorde-alabang-boxing-gym-when-in-manila-shayla-hembrador-sanchez  elorde-alabang-boxing-gym-when-in-manila-shayla-hembrador-sanchez 

The gym is spacious and is equipped with speed bags, heavy bags, mats, mitts and of course, a boxing ring which we all got to use on our first day.There’s also a common lavatory/washroom  just outside the hall which I recently discovered, is equipped with a small sauna, pretty neat for a public lavatory (must remind myself to try it next time). There are also boxing gloves and hand wraps for sale just in case you don’t have any yet. Water and Gatorade is also available should you forget to bring your own.



Ok, so why did I feel the need to enroll in their boxing program? Recently, I’ve noticed how easily I get tired doing my work. Apart from writing for When in Manila, I lead a pretty busy life shooting weddings and other events, I’m also a boudoir photographer so that takes up a lot of my time too, I also  host events and I work on random events and projects whenever I have the time. While I enjoy  the many activities my days are filled with, I really do feel that  I do need to stay healthy and fit to be able to do more things and and have the energy to go about my daily activities. 

The first day back at the boxing gym was pretty tough for me, I couldn’t even do two rounds of jogging inside the gym, I felt like the wind was knocked out of me after only 3 minutes of jogging! It was a good thing though that I was assigned to a really good trainer. Jaderes or Jade gave me a good pace for my workout and encouraged me whenever I felt like I couldn’t do more. I was pretty happy that I eventually finished  2 rounds of doing the mitts inside the ring, not bad for my first day back. Oh, it’s also interesting to note that my trainer Jade will actually be in the US soon to fight Fernando Montiel of Mexico. Good Luck to you Jade! I’m sure you’ll do us proud 🙂





Apart from doing a few rounds in the ring, we also got to use the speed bags which provide a lot of benefits such as increasing your arms strength and endurance, improve your hand-eye coordination, give you quicker reflexes and lets not forget, it helps tone your arms more too. We also got to do some stretching at the end of every session and the trainers give you a quick back massage too.





We just did our fourth session just this morning and I’m happy to say, we are enjoying it a great deal. I seem to be getting stronger by the day and I can already do more rounds inside the ring (by more, i really mean three ;)). I haven’t tried to get back to doing Muay Thai just yet so that’s something I’m looking forward to doing and sharing with you guys real soon. In the meantime, for those of you who are interested in booking a session, here are their rates:


elorde rates

So When in Manila, and in dire need of a health and fitness fix, do drop by  the newly opened Elorde Boxing Gym in Alabang and enroll in one of their sessions. I do not doubt that you will find this sport highly addictive! See you there!


Elorde Boxing Gym


5th Floor Yupangco Building 1606 Trade Street corner Investment Drive,

Madrigal Business Park, Barangay Ayala Alabang,

Muntinlupa City1771 Muntinlupa City

Open from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm


0917 825 9003 / 09052956095

 Want to know the benefits of boxing? Read about them here:






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