DIES: THE BENEFIT OF BOXING      



WHENINMANILA  and you’re thinking of ways to shed pounds while having fun , do consider enrolling in a boxing class.  Boxing is not just about physical strength, it’s not just for loosing weight, it’s not only for men, not only for the young ones, but it is for everyone. So here’s DIES benefit of boxing.


1. D-evelop- Boxing helps develop discipline and determination. Boxing is not an easy sport; it requires a lot of will power just to get through one round. Believe me during my first months of training I want to stop already in the middle of the par so I can rest for a while or drink some water but my coach keep on pushing me to my limits until I finished the round.  Out of the ring it just reminds you to not stop when life gets tough but instead to fight hard and finish the round. 




                                             Jon with his sparring partner 


2. I-mprove -Boxing includes sparring, pivoting, punching, and bouncing that helps improve the strength of your body. It also improves your agility and stamina as you go through all the routines. 



            BOXING DIES

                                               Meet my smiling trainer  Kuya Jason  


3. E- eliminate- it eliminates excessive weights, oh yes , I know you’ve been waiting to hear that. Boxing helps in reducing weight because of the amount movements you do while you train. 







4. S-mile- yes it does make you smile. How? Boxing helps release stress and anger. Sometimes when you’re angry (or brokenhearted) you have this urge to hit or punch something, so this sport can be an outlet of that negative emotion as you imagine the face of that one person who broke your heart (kidding) , but it does the work. When you’re stress you need a diversion, when you are in the ring , the world becomes you and your opponent only. It just between you and the other person, not you and your boss, your job, your credit card bills.  It’s just you and the other one so by the end of your workout, you’ll feel refresh and ready to face another life’s challenge.





                                                     Jon with Francis his long time trainer


You know boxing is a fun sport, once you start you can’t just stop because you’ll learn to love it. I met a guy a few months ago named Jon he broke his nose, his thumb, and dislocated his shoulder but he keeps on coming back, I ask him why he can’t stop.  He said that boxing has helped him release stress from work and that it inspire him. 




WHENINMANILA  don’t just sit there and watch the game of Manny Pacquiao but get your butts up and experience the benefits of boxing. 




                                                DIES: THE BENEFIT OF BOXING