El Gamma Penumbra Jumps Ahead to Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals

El Gamma Penumbra, a Filipino shadow play dance crew, wowed the Asia’s Got Talent judges once again as they received their second golden buzzer, bringing them directly to the show’s grand finals.

With Matisyahu’s inspiring song “One Day,” the dance crew’s amazing performance aims to promote world peace and love.

At the start of their presentation, one of the members of El Gamma Penumbra said, “Tonight, we will give you a performance which is really heartwarming. This is what El Gamma Penumbra is all about.”

Anggun, the show’s judge who pressed the golden buzzer that brought El Gamma Penumbra directly to the semi-finals, was in tears while she sad, “I’m extremely moved by what I just saw. It was really emotional and you make me really proud tonight. I’m sure you make Filipinos proud tonight.”

David Foster, one of the show’s judges, agreed with Anggun and said, “Anggun, you got it so right with the golden buzzer and I just want to say that I live in a box, where I make music in a studio. And tonight, I got to come outside of my box and see something that was so, so moving and magical. It just amazed me.”

Judge Melanie C said, ” You topped it tonight, you moved everybody…”

Judge Vanness Wu was on his feet and said, “You guys stepped up your game from the auditions… Amazing job tonight guys!”

After the show, El Gamma Penumbra posted on Facebook, “Thank you Asia especially to all Filipinos around the world who are with us in this amazing journey. Because of your support and prayers, El Gamma Penumbra now (goes) straight (to) the grand finals.”

On the same episode, Filipina classical singer Gerphil Flores also goes straight to the grand finals by winning through public votes. They will join fellow Filipino contestants, singer Gwyneth Dorado and hip-hop dance group Junior New System in the finals on May 7.

The results of the grand finals will be announced on May 14.

Watch El Gamma Penumbra’s performance below:

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