Egg Prices in the Philippines Increase by 45%

Egg prices in the Philippines have reportedly increased by 45%, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA). Data showed that eggs now cost around Php 6.90 to Php 8.70 per piece.

The increase from only Php 6 during the same period last year is reportedly due to the effect of inflationary pressures from other goods. United Broilers Raisers Association (UBRA) chairman Gregorio San Diego explained that the cost of Php 5 per chicken for feeds has now gone up to Php 19. He also said that the low production in the egg industry is due to the producers’ suffered losses back in the last quarter of 2021.

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Photo: Pexels

Furthermore, San Diego adds that eggs nearing the 10-peso mark meant retailers are increasing their profit margins. “You can’t blame the sellers in the market because they need to feed their families. Electricity prices are up, they need the income for those expenses,” the UBRA chairman told Rappler.

The association fears that the demand for eggs might go down this year due to the increase in non-food items’ prices. “We fear that this year, demand for eggs might go down due to increasing prices of non-food items. To an extent, you can endure hunger, but a household with no electricity or water is harder to bear,” he stated.

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