Ecomovement PH Proves That Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Maintain

Ecomovement PH is the brainchild of two college friends, Kylle and Bea, whose business idea started at a very serendipitous moment. What started out as two people just sharing and exchanging conversational goals and plans to live a greener lifestyle eventually turned into a full-fledged green movement.

“Our small company lives by the idea that big impacts start from small changes,” they share. “We aim to eradicate the concept of going green as overwhelming” or “hard to maintain. We conceptualized, created, and curated products to provide our customers with non-intimidating options that they can easily integrate into their everyday lives. We take all aspects of the business seriously – from the quality of our products and the packaging we use to our partnerships. We are working on expanding our current roster of products, and we are so excited to keep bringing more innovative, eco-friendlier options to our most loved Filipino community.”

Ecomovement PH Products

Laundry Pods

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Gone are the days of measuring detergent and fab con! With Ecomovement PH laundry pods, you get pre-measured laundry detergent and fabric softener with extra anti-odor and color-protection boosters to keep your clothes clean and fresh-smelling. Their pods have lower percentages of fragrance because huge amounts could be detrimental to your machine and clothes in the long run. Every pod comes in a 100% water-soluble container, so just drop the pod in the drum, and it’s all good to go!

Foaming Handsoap

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A more earth-friendly replacement to traditional liquid handsoap! Each of Ecomovement PH’s tablets can be dissolved in their glass pump container to give 300ml of foaming hand wash solution. By switching to tablets, you will minimize your plastic usage and waste. It also takes up less space when stored.

The soap is currently available in three amazing scents: Misty Mornings for a light and fresh scent of cucumber and mint (also suitable for people who are allergic to fragrance/ prefer subtle scents), Mellow Afternoons for a fresh fruity kick of passionfruit and tea, and Sweet Nights inspired by the warmth of campfires – vanilla & tea. With this product, Ecomovement PH wants to address the need for regularly clean hands without negatively impacting our planet. 

Eco Dish Sponge

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The Eco Dish Sponge is a better alternative to use when washing your dishes because it cleans just as thoroughly as the normally used synthetic sponges but is 100% biodegradable. It is made of organic materials – coconut fiber and cellulose – so you can feel less guilty about disposing and replacing it after about two weeks to a month of usage. These sponges are durable and sturdy, too, so submerging them in boiling water to sanitize them every so often is no problem at all. 

Eco Sponge Cloth / Swedish Dishcloth

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The Eco Sponge Cloth/Swedish Dishcloth is one of our favorite replacements for cloth rags – made out of organic, renewable materials, 100% biodegradable, durable and versatile to use, and very easy to clean and sanitize! Each Eco Sponge Cloth is stiff when dry because its ability to quick-dry and harden up prevents bacterial buildup and preserves its durability, so you can enjoy at least 100 times of reuse per cloth. The trick is to dampen the Eco Sponge Cloth before every use!

It can be cleaned by manually hand washing or machine washing, sanitized by soaking in boiling water and once completely worn out, each cloth can just be disposed of because every piece of it breaks down completely – no hassle, no guilt, no waste!

What are you waiting for? Make the switch and stock up on these Ecomovement PH products now!

Ecomovement PH

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