Eat, Pray, Love and Read The Book Of Ten – The Little Black Book of Life!


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Here in, we wish for you to find ease and happiness that is why we do our best and make time to provide you with the things you need to know…to keep you informed, inspired and entertained in the hope that you may also find your way. We want you to feel good NOW! So in order for you to find that “ease,” here’s something which we highly recommend you do this year.




I couldn’t exactly count the wonderful things and experiences which I have been attracting ever since I made a promise to myself that I will always choose happiness no matter what. And because of my firm belief in the Law of Attraction, allow me to introduce to you something which I believe will help you in your journey to happiness.




I believe it’s high time you experience  The Book of Ten – The Little Black Book of Life!




I just got a copy of the book and I can’t wait to tell you about it!




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I feel so blessed when I got the chance to exchange thoughts with its author Kathryn Pua! How nice it is to meet someone who share the same vision as yours. We used to be “lost” souls as well, but due to our yearning for “meaning,”  we bravely chose the path less traveled.  The book came as a result of her intention to share her wisdom and the secrets on how she was able to achieve the happiness she is now enjoying. I’m very impressed with the passion and dedication which she has shown so far and this is one reason why I’m giving my full support to her. I believe that everyone should have a copy of this book!



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I believe it is time for you to have this!




By the time I got the book, it reminded me of the movie Eat, Pray Love. I knew I just had to reward myself with a good book and a good meal shared with a good friend that moment so I invited my friend Badeth for dinner  at Va Pensiero for they serve authentic and simple Italian style pizzas which I think are closest to what Julia Roberts also enjoyed in the movie. I knew I just had to set the right mood and ambiance while reading it! hihihihi



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 rewarding myself with a good book and a good meal shared with a good friend!  




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 hmmmmm….. I find it to be very interesting. The book is loaded with a lot of inspiring and motivating words!




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 my friend Badeth was also very impressed with it



 I enjoyed doing the activities which the book asked me to do. It made me realize a lot of things. It made me think about the things which I have been neglecting and depriving myself with.Unlike all regular planners where you’re asked to list down the things we HAVE to do and accomplish, in The Book of Ten, you are given the freedom to just be yourself and write the things we WANT to do!



It is a book that will help you reflect and ponder on the things which really matter to you. The very vital things which you know will complete your existence. It is loaded with activities, ideas and even free space for you to freely write anything and everything!Feel free to write down your dreams, aspirations… the things which will make you happy! Let this book guide you in your journey to live the life which you promised yourself you’d live!


Let me share to you my story….


Years ago, I used to be so pessimistic. I had too many fears and woes. I hated myself so much I couldn’t even take a photo of myself for I  believed I was so ugly. I rejected so many opportunities because I never had any confidence in myself. People looked down on me, I was often ridiculed, criticized and often told that I was never to succeed. The saddest part was… I believed them. Little did I know about this invisible box which I confined myself in for the longest time. It was when I was at my lowest where I finally realized that enough was enough and that I will never allow people to treat me that way ever! Slowly, I struggled to pick up the pieces of that broken me and slowly allowed my wounds to heal. I went on a journey deep deep inside my soul in order for me to be whole again. It really takes a lot of courage to dare know the real you. With a lot of prayers and the support of my family and friends, It didn’t  take too long for me to get back on track. When I was finally able to switch my vibration to a much positive one, unexpected things started to unfold and until now, I’m still at awe with the things I am receiving. It really pays to have faith that all is well and that everything will be for the good. I realized that when you do your best to align yourself to your source and be who you are, all the universe can do is soothe and support you all the way! Everything for me is possible now. My life is so fabulous and ever unfolding!



Years ago, I dreamed of seeing Palawan but since I couldn’t really afford to travel, I never seriously planned to go and if I would, I’d just book the cheapest ticket, sleep at the cheapest inn and take the cheapest tour. Roughly 2 months ago while my  partner Frank and I were chatting during one of our out if town trips, I remember telling him that Palawan would be a nice destination to go to next. We really had no plans then for it was just a casual talk. Perhaps we have unconsciously placed an order to the universe and miraculously, after only 1 day, I received a call that we were to be sent to Palawan and stay at a premiere resort….



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got more than what I wished for




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dreams do come true



It is never too late my friend! Now is the perfect time to love yourself and give it the attention it needs. Life is too short to be wasted on unimportant people and things. Life is supposed to be good for you! Be happy! Smile a lot! Count your blessings. Look for reasons to feel good. Dig out positive things in the past. Look for positive things from where you stand and expect positive things in the future. Let your heart serve as your compass and the Book of Ten  as your map to help you find your way so be sure to get a copy of this book especially when in Manila!




The Book of Ten – The Little Black Book of Life


by Kathryn Pua


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Eat, Pray, Love and Read The Book Of Ten – The Little Black Book of Life!