Be Your Own Barista Today With This Easy-to-Use Coffee Capsule System

Looking for an easy and convenient way to make coffee for everyone in the family? Do you tend to need coffee refills during the day? Love the idea of coffee capsules, but are on a budget? However intense your coffee needs might be, B Coffee Co is here to the rescue.

B Coffee Co 1

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

B Coffee Co launched last December and is one of the country’s most innovative, easy-to-use, fast-growing coffee capsule systems to date. I’ve personally always been hesitant to try coffee capsule systems because, in my head, they were expensive and a bit too complicated for my morning brain to understand. That definitely isn’t the case with this baby.

B Coffee Co 2

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

All you have to do is fill it up with water, plug it in, put your coffee cup in place, put the capsule in place, and it’s good to go! It even comes in a variety of colors to match your personality and your home. It comes in black, red, orange, and white. I got mine in black – the same color as the way I like my coffee.

Order it in your color of choice now!

B Coffee Co 3

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

They also have capsule flavors for any kind of coffee mood: Colombia for the Americano lovers, Sedosa for the Latte lovers, Intenso for the Cappuccino lovers, and Xoco for the Mocha lovers. You can even use Nespresso capsules with it if you’d like!

Order your own B Coffee Co coffee capsule system today!

B Coffee Co 4

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

So, what are you waiting for? Become part of the trendsetting B Tribe and #BeYourOwnBaristaToday! We believe everyone can become their own barista! You can even visit on social media for inspiration on delicious recipes to try out!

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