Dylan Sprouse is Playing a Psychopath in New Film “Dismissed”

While Cole Sprouse is playing the weirdo (Jughead, in case you’re not familiar) in the hit Netflix show Riverdale, his twin Dylan is returning to film with a psychopath role in the new film Dismissed.

Watch the trailer below:

In Dismissed, Sprouse plays Lucas Ward, a transfer student whose favorite subject is English. He impresses his high school teacher Mr. Butler, especially after he submitted a paper bordering on becoming a dissertation. When Ward gets a B+ on a paper, he shows signs that he’s not as friendly as he pretends to be. Did we mention that he purposely made a classmate’s science experiment explode in his face?

Dismissed is directed by Benjamin Arfmann and written by Brian McAuley. Sprouse co-stars with Kent Osborne, Randall Park, Chris Bauer, Rae Gray, and Alycia Delmore.

It is set to be released on video on demand and digital platforms starting November 21.

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