Duck Hair Clip Alternatives That Are Cute and Trendy

The bibe or duck hair clip has taken the world by storm! You’ve probably seen a lot of people in public places or on your social media feed donning that cute duck hair clip atop their heads.

bibe duck hair clip


This recent trend even sparked discussions on the internet, leaving everyone with chirping questions about how it all started. Some netizens said it began in Baguio during Christmas season in 2023, which suddenly reached Metro Manila this January. After all, it’s really cute and suits all ages! 

Whether you’re simply curious or want to join the duck hair clip trend, we have a list of other quirky and adorable hair clips you could wear or maybe pair with your duck hair clip.

Bean Sprout Hair Clip

bean sprout hair clip bibe duck hair clip

Photo: Shopee

Several people, including K-pop idols, have worn this bean sprout hair clip prior to the duck hair clip trend. Having this little green sprout on your head is really playful and unique. Buy it here!

Windmill Hair Clip

windmill sprout hair clip bibe duck hair clip

Photo: Shopee

The windmill hair clip radiates a childish yet whimsical vibe with its colorful designs. What makes it more adorable is that it twirls as you walk. Buy it here!

Flower Hair Clip

flower sprout hair clip bibe duck hair clip

Photo: Shopee

If you prefer something more chic, the flower hair clip would be a great alternative to the duck hair clip. It has various colors and styles that you can match with your outfit! Buy it here!

Fruit Hair Clip

fruit sprout hair clip bibe duck hair clip

Photo: Shopee

Style your hair with this deliciously looking fruit hair clip! Its subtle yet fancy design can instantly add charm to your look. Buy it here!

Heart Hair Clip

heart hair clip bibe duck hair clip

Photo: Shopee

The heart hair clip will surely go well with the duck hair clip, which has been proven during Valentine’s Day! Many people were spotted wearing this one, along with the duck hair clip. It’s also cute and charming! Buy it here!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Share them in the comments!


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