Draft Gastro Pub at The Fort: Good Food and Better Beers

It had been a long week of gruelling tasks and responsibilities when my friends and I decided to go out for some fun and a change of scenery When In Manila. We wanted to go somewhere comfortable where we could eat, talk, and grab a beer or two.




It was a little after dinner when we headed off to Draft at the Fort. Having heard a lot of good things about the place, we were in high spirits. We arrived at the old location of Embassy Cuisine, and we were pleased to find that the once hyper club scene here has now been replaced by a steadier drinking crowd. It was a good sign of things to come.








What I first noticed about Draft was the high ceilings and nice interiors. It certainly has that “pub” feel. We sat down and we were ready to experience what this place had to offer.








The bar was stocked with anything and everything you would want to drink, with Draft specializing in beer. They serve imported beers such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Becks, Guinness, and Leffe.







Kate Sangco, Draft’s Marketing Manager, told us that she took the liberty of ordering for us. She explained that she wanted us to try the best that the place had to offer.






Normally, I don’t expect much from the food served at typical drinking holes such as this one. I found that, usually, the alcohol would be the star of most of their menus. Were we ever surprised when our food arrived.




Breaded Camembert Cheese – This was just pure heaven on a plate! The cheese and the chutney were a good match, the added truffle oil gave it that extra kick.






The beers are served in labeled glasses. Genius!






This dish is called “The Angry Drunk Mussels”. Steamed with Hoegaarden, this herbed delight is such a good “pulutan” dish. It can be a little too spicy for some, though. Also, notice the size of the mussels. Humongous!




The very tender meat on the Beef Rib Fingers Burgunion surprised us. Served with mashed potatoes and peas on the side, this dish is one of the February specials. Not on the regular menu, Draft tries to bring new things in through these specials so people always have something new to look forward to.




I say nothing goes better with beer than burgers. The Bleu Cheeseburger is something to look forward to. Made with angus beef, truffle aoili, and bleu cheese, this is certainly not your normal burger.




Fish and Frites was up next. Now, I’m not usually a fan of fish, but I like the contrast between how moist the fish was and how crunchy the Becks beer batter was.




For dessert, the Nutty Pear Struddle, a serving of pear and nuts inside oven baked pastry and served with a side of vanilla ice cream.




The real dessert came in this gigantic Hoegaarden mug. Can you believe this is just a pint?



Added to their good food is the wonderful service. Our server, Kuya Ye, explained every detail of every dish that was served to us. My favorite statement of his though, was this: “Here in Draft, we say: never waste a good beer.”


Draft was not only a drinking destination, but also a great food place. When in Manila be sure to visit. Whether it be for their food, or for their beer, it will be well worth it.




with Draft’s Kate Sangco



Feb Specials and Promos:

Truffled Parmesan and Cauliflower Soup

Beef Rib Fingers Burgunion

Nutty Pear Struddle


– BIG BEERS on MUG promo: Achel blonde and Achel brune for P430, Paulaner for P499

– PAULANER mug for P999





Fort Strip, 1633 Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 2:30 am

Sun: 11:00 am – 12:15 am



Twitter – @draftgastropub

Draft on Facebook



Draft Bar in the Fort BGC: Best draft beer and imported beer in Manila!