Don’t Be That Guy: 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling

With all the seat sales and social media photos that are making you drool even more about your dream destinations, nowadays, it’s almost impossible to say no to traveling.

However, even though you’re on vacay mode, please don’t just kick back and relax. Travel responsibly and sustainably by following these five simple reminders below.

5. Don’t do it for the gram

Taking pictures is a must whenever you’re doing something fun, more so when traveling. Striking a pose and showing off that beautiful view is okay but when doing so, please make sure that you are not destroying the environment or disturbing the peace of the organisms living in that certain ecosystem. No matter how cool or awesome it may look, it is not just worth it.

Batanes Travel - Sunset Beach Cliffs Views Nature Landscape - Gian Carlo Baniqued

4. Leave nothing but footprints

No matter how much fun you’re having, don’t forget to ensure the cleanliness of the place you visit. Keep in mind that it will only stay as beautiful as it is if all the visitors are responsible enough not to litter. 


3. Remember to take nothing but photos

It is quite tempting to bring home a cute seashell, a colorful coral or even a lovely flower for souvenirs. However by doing so, you might influence other visitors to do the same, and if they did, the place and its precious little trinkets will be gone and destroyed.

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2. Support local

Instead of taking shells, shop some of the products that the nearby stores offer instead. Not only are you bringing home great pasalubong for your friends, you also get to help the locals by supporting their livelihood.

Batanes Travel - Sunset Beach Cliffs Views Nature Landscape - Gian Carlo Baniqued

1. Be mindful and culturally sensitive

A different place means that practices might be different there, as well. So before packing your bags and charging your power banks, make sure to read up on the do’s and don’ts to avoid disrespecting any practices and laws.

Tainan City, Southern Taiwan Travel - EVA Air - Taiwan Tourism Bureau - TECO - Nicole Villaluz

As much as traveling is good for the heart, spirit and Instagram feed, make sure that your presence in a foreign land is also good for the people and the place.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!