What’s Manny Pacquiao doing in a college dorm?! Manny Pacquiao Posts Viral Photo on His Facebook Page

Manny Pacquiao is known not only as a boxing legend, but also as a down-to-earth family man. Despite rising to fame and earning a fortune, people believe that Manny does not forget where he came from. 

We’ve seen photos of Manny hanging out with Hollywood celebrities. We’ve seen photos of his fancy houses and fancy cars. But Manny recently posted a photo of him eating in a cramped room, with an adorable and unassuming caption: “Kain lang pag may time. Hehe”

Manny Pacman

Netizens praised Manny for his simplicity. Some even commented that Manny looked like a college student in his dorm! This isn’t exactly a photo you’d expect from a world-famous athlete–and we’re glad Manny has remained down-to-earth despite his successes.

What do you think of this story? How do you feel about the way the netizens reacted?

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