Disney Pixar’s Oldest Character will Finally Appear in ‘Finding Dory’!

Disney Pixar is known to have a huge love for Easter eggs that they have at least one or two in every movie they make, like the “A113” that appear in many of their movies.

But on April Fools Day, Andrew Stanton — the director of Pixar films WALL-E, and Toy Story, as well as the upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo “Finding Dory” — revealed that there was one Easter egg that not even the most avid of Pixar fans has ever found.

And that is Hank the octopus.

According to Stanton, Hank has been in the background of every single one of Pixar’s movie, being Pixar’s most closely guarded secret since 1995.

And now, Hank is going to make his appearance as one of Dory’s new friends this coming June!

Here’s the video that reveled it all:


Whether it’s an April Fools prank or not, we’ll just have to find out!

Did you ever see him in any Pixar Movie?