Discrimination in Our Own Land: Filipinos Not Welcome in Airport Lounge in Kalibo, Koreans Only


Ryan Layug posted on Facebook this appalling situation which he experienced during his trip enroute to Cebu, Philippines. He was at Kalibo International Airport and his flight was at 5am heading to Cebu. He wanted to avail the VIP lounge of Discovery Boracay which is an airport lounge in Kalibo, Aklan. He was appalled by the establishment saying that they do not accept Filipinos as guests but only Koreans even over hearing the Korean supervisor saying “No Filipinos! No Filipinos!” Continue reading his full story with photos:

Direct Quote:

Calling All Filipinos and the Government. At 10pm of January 1, 2016 I was refused to check-in and avail the VIP Lounge of Discovery Boracay an Airport Lounge in Kalibo International Airport that cost Php300 saying they only accept South Koreans. I am to avail of the service because my flight is at 5am going to Cebu. In photos below, I approached the lady Filipina Staff at the cashier where inquiries and payment are made. Me: Ms I’d like to use the VIP Lounge. Lady Staff: Naku sir sa ngayon sa mga Koreans lang po nila inooffer ang lounge. Me: Are you serious? Bakit sa kanila lang? Lady Staff: Korean po kasi ang may ari sir. Me: First time ko yata makaranas ng discrimination sa sarili kong bansa at sinasabi mo yan sa kapwa mo Pilipino. Lady Staff: Sir sandali po magtanong muna ako


(she looked for her supervisor then dumating sa counter ang koreano) Lady Staff: Sir a Filipino would like to check-in. Korean Supervisor: No Filipino! No Filipino! I was pissed off gusto kong kunan ng video na sabihin ng staff na for Koreans only but this time: Lady Staff: Sir ang sabi ko po Fully Booked kami then ayaw nakong pansinin.


I went outside naghanap ng makainan, I told the story sa may ari ng Carenderia, he advised me sir isumbong mo sa Pulis. So I seek the help of PNP personnel in Kalibo Airport.


They responded and escorted me to talked with the Manager. The manager apologized to me and said the lady staff made an error. They accept everyone eregardless of Nationality. He offered me free stay, i declined. I told him you have to remember during Korean War, Filipinos fought on the side of South Koreans then you will just discriminate me. I asked him what would he feel if the same incident will happen to him back in his own country. He apologize but seems to be sarcastic. I left with the Police.

Upon returning to the Carenderia to eat my ordered food, somebody was yelling Kuya! Kuya! The manager chased me, I stopped. He handed me my Insurance ID that I left. He again apologized saying he was a soldier before in Korea and he appreciates Filipinos. I again told him I was very offended because I said some of our countrymen maybe poor, but we have a bigger heart. Proof to this is our acceptance on the surge of South Koreans in the Philippines but didnt realized that Koreans do descriminate Filipinos. He this time offered me free food. I declined and said I cannot be bribe, sorry, but I value my being a Filipino specially in my homeland.

I am Ryan Layug, a soldier, a Filipino, I am returning to duty in Mindanao after my New Year’s Leave. I am a bit worried that I might be reprimanded of this post but as a soldier I defend democracy, and I will defend my fellow Filipinos on the face of discrimination. this country has no room for Discrimination. I am not convinced of the Manager. I heard with my ears the Supervisor: No Filipinos! No Filipinos! Besides, almost half of the seats at the lounge were empty (but they said ita fully booked) I pity the lady staff, she has to decline Filipinos because she has to retain her job. I call the LGUs, DTI and DFA please conduct further investigation and surveillance on the same hotel and other hotels in the Philippines. Calling my Compatriots, if you love your race and your country, the Philippines and is against discrimination, share this post to your wall. ‪#‎stoppinoydiscrimination‬

Photos and story by Soldier Ryan Layug

The Discovery Hotel has released their statement through Facebook.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.00.42 PMWow, what an experience. What can you say about this? Hearing both sides. Are you also contented with the hotel’s statement? Let us know.