Discovery of Tricks and a Bag Full of Treats from The Haunted Jungle 2017: Tierra Pura Homes Annual Halloween Party


Tierra Pura Homeowners Association annually celebrates Halloween. This year’s theme was “The Haunted Jungle.” The event was held at the Tierra Pura Social Hall and covered court last Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

From being a simple inter-village Halloween affair back in the early 90s to let their children enjoy the western tradition of collecting candies and treats from homes within the village during Hollow’s Eve, this celebration has blossomed to what it is now.


As expected, the event was well-participated by trick-or-treaters with age ranging from babies to adults. The costumes were a variety of jungle outfit, scary, quirky, and funny – all of which were made with an effort. A total of 550 tickets for kids and adults were sold with more kids wanting to join in. The organizers were asked to open their event to non-homeowners, and the association also opened the event to less fortunate children who live in Barangay Culiat for them to experience the trick or treat within the subdivision and also enjoy the treats given out by the residents.


The Halloween party started with a bang – welcomed by Empress Tribe de Manila – complete with fun, upbeat jungle music, and fiery performance by the dancers. Mascots were there to give happiness to the participants as well. Around the area were different food stalls that surely satisfied everybody’s cravings. Winners of best costume from different ages were awarded, as well as the households that participated in decorating their homes.


The participants ended the night with smiling faces and lots of goodies received from the event itself and from different houses that gave off treats!

Christopher Go, the president of this association, imparted his message regarding this event:
“As the TPHA President, I am both proud and happy to have been a part of the 2017 Trick or Treat Event. We have made strides during the last two years by having the most number of attendees and participants and have likewise been fortunate enough to enjoy the support of well-established companies who supported our Halloween program. It was a very good way of expressing the kindness and generosity of both our homeowners and company sponsors. I hope that in the coming years, we will be able to invite more participants and likewise further enjoy the support of companies who believe in our advocacy of giving enjoyment to children of all walks of life by organizing and continuing with this TPHA Halloween tradition.

Tierra Pura Homeowners Association would like to thank the people who made this all possible, the sponsors that helped out in producing this event, and of course the people who participated in their festivities. Until next Halloween!

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