Discover Fresh and Frozen Goods Available in Lazada!

Whether you need ingredients or you want to restock your shelves, Lazada Fresh is guaranteed to have what you need for your kitchen. You can select a wide range of goods you would normally see in a supermarket in the comfort of your own home with Lazada’s fast and speedy service. 

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Lazada Fresh offers a wide variety of fresh groceries for shoppers to choose from. These products include frozen meat, fresh produce, and even goods you would not normally see in your local grocery. 


Some of the participating merchants including The Good Meat, ZaganaFarmToKitchen, Pacific Bay, and many more will showcase their products at the 16th edition of the Manila Food and Beverages Expo happening this June 15-19 at World Trade Center in Pasay City.


Get your tickets now! You can choose to purchase them through the following:

MAFBEX website: https://mafbex.com/

Or through your Lazada app: https://tinyurl.com/lazadamafbex