Did you join the #tumbleweedchallenge?

American personality Jimmy Fallon is an all-around, multihyphenate creative.

Through his show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy has been able to showcase different kinds of creativity with his sketches, celebrity and musical guests, The Roots (the house band), and more.


His latest move to show more creative content on air is to join the latest TikTok craze where he will kick off challenges for fans from all over the world—Philippines included—to join in.

Dubbed as the The Tonight Show Challenges, this segment will be done on the short-form video app.

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Jimmy in a recent episode introduced the #tumbleweedchallenge, asking TikTok users to fall to the ground and rolling out of frame, like a tumbleweed, with Western-style music playing in the background.

Watch Jimmy tumbleweeding in action:

TikTok users who joined in the challenge had the chance for their videos to be featured on an episode of the Tonight Show. As expected, the results have been nothing but hilarious.

For Pinoys who want to show their creativity on a global stage, check out the challenges on the Tonight Show’s TikTok page available on Android and iOs.