Detective Pikachu: A Furry Pokemon with Deadpool’s Voice

Calling all Pokemon fans (and we know there are a lot!)

Detective Pikachu was announced a while back and we honestly did not know what to expect. As a fan of the original cartoon series and all of the games, I was excited to see a live-action version of our favorite pocket monsters and now that the trailer is here, it seems like the fans are quite divided about the trailer.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:


As you can see, Pikachu looks completely different in this with extremely fluffy fur, which some fans on Twitter have called ‘grotesque’. Although Pikachu has always been described as furry, this is the first time we are actually seeing a lifelike version of him and it’s, well… new.

Fortunately, some fans like the fur (and I can just imagine how amazing the furry Funko Pops of him will be!), but have found it odd to hear Ryan Reynolds voicing him. (I am now imagining what a Deadpool Pikachu Funko Pop would look like, too.) I personally think Pikachu looks adorable and I’m not gonna lie: I’m definitely going to be seeing this when it comes out.

Can I also just point out how awesome it is that Justice Smith, who sang the Pokemon theme in a scene in ‘Paper Towns’ is in this?

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