Demolish the Tower Burger Challenge: KFC Philippines New Chicken Burger to Win Trip to Singapore F1 Races

OK, not gonna lie to you…. I totally FAILED at this!


I tried a few times to finish this massive burger called The Tower Burger, in 2 minutes, and I could not pull it off!


The Demolish the Tower Burger Challenge at KFC asks you to show down on a KFC Tower Burger and to get it all on camera for a chance to win a trip to Singapore to see the F1 races!





All well and may sound easy enough,  but let me tell ya, it’s not that simple! This burger is HUGE!








Anyway, here’s my first FAILED attempt at doing so. I swear I tried much harder on my other attempts, but still to no avail. Will update you if I find a way to get this done!




How about you? Ready to win that trip to Singapore? Well here’s the complete mechanics for the Demolish the KFC Tower Burger Challenge:

1. Buy one KFC Tower Burger.


2. Take a video of yourself eating the Tower Burger in 2 minutes or less. For video to be considered valid or qualified it must show:


a) That 1 Tower Burger if completely consumed within 2 minutes


b) The video is not edited, cut, or spliced together.


3. Upload video on YouTube.


4. After the successful upload, get the YouTube URL of your video and enter it into the KFC Demolish the Tower Facebook app, together with your name, mailing address, email address, and mobile number. Find that here –


5. Deadline of uploading of videos is on September 16, 2011 (12 midnight).

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do much better than I did!

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