Delve Into Self-Discovery and Meaning of Life Through ‘Handog’ Musical

Handog” is not just a musical; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the human soul, a narrative that unravels the complexities of life, love, sacrifice, and redemption through the lens of giving. 

This extraordinary production, proudly presented by J&A Productions, is produced by a remarkable team, including BNI Eagles members Carol Rufino, Loubelie Gardiola, JC Lumba, and Erwin Reyes. Together, they have crafted a story that will touch your heart and soul.

At its core, “Handog” revolves around the lives of eight captivating characters: Gary, Paul, Amanda, Uncle Ped, Chel, Mike, Robert, and Lizette. Each character embodies a facet of the human experience, and their interconnected journeys reflect universal themes of loss, sacrifice, and redemption. As the narrative unfolds, we bear witness to their individual struggles and victories, all underpinned by the transformative power of generosity and affection.

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The Artists: From left back row, Chellie Maynes, Kevin Batulan,Vince Conrad,Drei Arias,Joseph Billeza,Karl Jingco, and Ryan Ayangco.
From left front row, JM Avelino, Victoria Mina, Diane Fabros, Migui Moreno, Michelle Bunoan, Dea Formacil, Hanne Jade Del Mundo, Trixie Esteban, Gabo Tolentino, Rexter Nagaño and Bubbles Deriada (not in photo).

This musical affair isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about making a difference in the world. A portion of the proceeds from “Handog” will go to the BNI Foundation’s Business Voices, a noble cause that adds depth and purpose to this grand event. In a world that often focuses on individualism, “Handog” reminds us of the profound impact we can have when we come together to support our communities.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of individuals comes together to bring “Handog” to life. The Executive Team, Artistic Team, Creative Team, and Events Team collaborate seamlessly, uniting the talents of BNI Eagles, cross-chapter BNI members, and an array of community builders. Their collective effort ensures that the message of “Handog” is conveyed with authenticity and passion.

The Artistic & Production Team 

The artistic team of “Handog the Musical” features Director Luisito T. Nario, CEO of LTN Events Incorporated and Producing Artistic Director of Lipa Actors Company, contributing his event planning and theater expertise. 

Handog 2

The Artistic Team: From left, Dino Dumlao – Audio Consultant, Joseph Matheu – Lighting & Technical Director, Charlotte Despuez – Stage Manager, Luisito Nario – Director
Barbie Dumlao – Librettist and Musical Director, Jobelle Ramos – Playwright, Orly Dela Cruz- Orchestrator and Arranger, and PJ Rebullida Choreographer (not in photo).

Barbie Dumlao, a visionary songwriter-composer at BND Creatives, brings narratives to life through meaningful lyrics and music, while Handog’s Playwright Jobelle Ramos, has successfully staged plays for the Lipa Actors Company, showcasing her theatrical work also as the playwright. Together, they form a dynamic artistic team enhancing the creative essence of “Handog the Musical.”

Also part of the musical are Orchestrator and Arranger Orly Dela Cruz, Choreographer PJ Rebullida, Lighting & Technical Director Joseph Matheu, Audio Director/Consultant Dino Dumlao, Production Designer Lawyn Cruz, and Charlotte Despuez as Stage Manager.

The Power Behind the Team 

The executive team of “Handog the Musical” is the brain child and led by April Villarta-Manuud, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, public relations, events and the editorial field, known for her diverse talents and extensive involvement in organizations like BNI and the Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company. She is also the Sales & Marketing Director of Contract Design & Systems Furniture Specialist, Inc. 

Handog 3

The Executive Team: From left, April Villarta-Manuud – Over-all Project Director,JC Lumba – J&A Producer, IDr. Loubelie Gardiola – J&A Producer, Engr. Carol Rufino – J&A Producer, Erwin Reyes – J&A Producer, and IDr. Leslie Ledesma – Project Deputy Head.

As Handog Musical Play’s Over-All Project Director and Creative Team’s Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, April’s passion for theater and her commitment to charitable initiatives make her a driving force behind the production. 

Alongside her is Leslie Torres Ledesma, the Project Deputy Head, and Editorial Admin Assistant, bringing her expertise in interior design, furniture, and active participation in CFIP and PIID, complemented by her significant role within BNI Eagles. Together, they form a dynamic duo dedicated to the success of “Handog the Musical.”

The Producers 

The producers of “Handog the Musical” are a dedicated and diverse team with a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields. sole proprietor/General Manager Engr. Carol Rufino, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in business operations, quality assurance, and ISO 9000 consultancy, is one of the four Producers of J&A Productions, bringing her extensive knowledge to production. 

Loubs Gardiola, an accomplished interior designer and Co-Owner/Vice-President of Lourel Development Corporation, specializes in green design and landscaping and adds her creative touch to the project. 

JC Lumba, a real estate expert and CEO of Expanse Realty, is well-versed in leisure projects and property investments, ensuring the production’s success. 

Erwin Reyes, founder of IChoose insurance, a modern insurance comparison website, contributes his innovative thinking and 30 years of insurance industry experience to the team. 

Together, they have poured their passion and dedication into bringing “Handog the Musical” to life, motivated by a desire to share their talents and creativity with the community. 

Their collective commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in their successful track records and leadership roles in various organizations, making “Handog the Musical” a labor of love, driven by their expertise and enthusiasm.

The grandeur of “Handog” is at The Metropolitan Theater, Manila on October 14, 2023 Saturday with shows at 3:00PM and 8:00PM, offering sponsors and supporters a chance to captivate an audience of thousands. 

Behind the curtain, J&A Productions, BNI Eagles, and other BNI cross chapters from other regions work tirelessly to create this spectacle. Esteemed sponsors like C-Force Outsourcing, Lourel Development Corporation, Expanse Realty, and iChoose Insurance Agency have lent their support, making “Handog” possible. 

The play was also brought to fruition thanks to the generous sponsors including 1-Pentagon Credit and Lending Corporation, ALDumao Window Treatments, Joane Glass and Aluminum Supply, Real Estate Broker Eunice Estrada, AJSL Hardware and Elevators, Basta Manibela Gilbert Garcia, Alveo Land Corporation, Lifevantage, Mc Queen Auto Repair and Services, Standard Insurance Co., Inc. , BNI National Events Power Team or NEPT, Zaheer Carpets, Michael Cacnio, and RV Studio. 

For those who wish to buy tickets and aligned with greatness through sponsorship, “Handog” offers a unique opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. 

Part of the proceeds of this grand musical affair will go to BNI Foundation’s Business Voices.