Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Launch: Gadgets in Manila

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook



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 Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Launch models



When In Manila, people are into technology like never before! Electronics have become an inseparable part of our everyday life: from our productivity at work to entertainment and leisure to social interactions. As a result, the number of products have grown exponentially, with varying degrees of functionality, style, and affordability, and models being introduced to the market with increasing frequency. Consumers are like zombies, hungry for the latest gadget and purchasing the newest releases without a second thought.



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 Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Launch host Bianca Valerio



People who’ve become so enamored with tech, who impulsively buy the latest offerings of phones, tablets, players, laptops, etc, are given the labels technofetishists or gadget freaks. The experience of a purchase and first use of a new doodad could be described as ‘gizmorgasmic.’ I just made that word up.


Thus, tech heads will rejoice  upon the arrival of the latest offering from Dell: The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook.




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 Dell XPS 13  Ultrabook




Launched on April 12, 2012 at the Mind Museum, the theme was “Fusing Function with Fashion.” Hosted by the lovely Bianca Valerio, with a fashion show featuring designs by Pablo Cabahug, a ballerina, excellent pika pika catered by Cibo, this event exuded style. 


Dell unveiled today its ultra-portable Dell XPS 13 laptop, the most compact 13.3-inch Ultrabook featuring an edge-to-edge glass, near “frameless” display, all-day battery life, and the latest innovative technology for a superb overall user experience.


Dubbed “The Best of Technology and Fashion,” designer Pablo Cabahug unveiled a trunk collection that echoed the almost monochromatic hues of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. The creations came in the same shades as the ultra-savvy gadget: the high-gloss elegance of silver; the sleekness of ebony; and the immaculate seduction of white. Cabahug wove unto his designs not just Dell’s delicious colors but also his own brand of fashion genius that even the most jaded spectators were amazed.


Dell XPS 13 delivers superb craftsmanship, durability and mobility.Its thoughtful design goes beyond beauty. With bonded Corning® Gorilla® glass, machined aluminum and carbon fiber, all these are incorporated to enhance the performance of theUltrabook™.

Strikingly thin,  with more room to view, the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook™ is a slim 6 mm (0.24”) at its thinnest point and only 18 mm (0.71”) at its thickest point; featuring a 13.3″ HD display cleverly fit into a footprint that’s similar to an 11″ laptop.


It delivers powerful performance with 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processors, giving Ultrabook™ the speed and performance you’ve come to expect from the XPS family.“The Dell XPS 13 is the culmination of an extensive design and development process focused on creating the best Ultrabook on the planet,” enthused Christopher Papa, Country Manager of Dell Philippines. “It is specifically engineered to help both our consumer and commercial customers become more productive and connected in every way possible. From the edge-to-edge frameless display that packs more screen space into a compact body, to the innovative carbon fiber base that is lightweight and cool to the touch, the Dell XPS 13 exemplifies our commitment to offering industry-leading mobile solutions that deliver durability and performance without compromise.”



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 Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Launch



Always up to date, itsIntel® Smart Connect Technology keeps your email, contacts, calendar and social networks up to date, even when your Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook™ is in sleep mode. “When Dell began the conversation of what an Ultrabook could be, we carefully considered how to provide customers not only incredible mobility, but also the kind of performance experience you would expect from something much larger,” added Christopher. “A ‘good-enough’ Ultrabook wasn’t good enough for us. We were committed to developing what an Ultrabook can and should be with the Dell XPS 13 and providing a superior user experience.”


What’s more, the unit turns on instantly and boots in as little as 8 seconds; resuming from sleep mode in just 1 second (4 seconds from deep sleep). A solid-state drive and Intel® Rapid Start Technology makes this possible.“The Dell XPS 13 represents the most balanced of the Ultrabook class of notebooks to hit the market so far”, said Alvin Go, product manager of Dell Philippines. “Ultrabooks started by forcing people to make a choice between beauty and practicality and Dell took the time to make sure their offering would not only be very attractive, but address the critical needs of business and education buyers as well. Perhaps the best way to describe the XPS 13 is ‘beautifully uncompromised’.”


The refined features truly feel as good as it looks, due to a comfort-designed keyboard and a sleek, gesture-enabled glass touchpad. Together with Dell, Cabahug proved that, indeed, fashion and technology are not far apart but closely interwoven. And in instances like this event, are linked like peas in a pod.



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When In Manila, why not come try the Dell XPS 13 for yourself to see if this new piece of hardware really mends fashion and technology seamlessly. With that hefty price, we sure are hoping this Ultrabook lives up to the hype. 





 Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Launch: Gadgets in Manila