We Found Keto-Friendly Rice and Noodles – and They’re Delicious

Although I have always been trying to be a bit healthier, my priorities have shifted to health much more the deeper we got into quarantine. Let’s face it: health is wealth, and we need to prioritize our health – and the health of our families – over everything right now. This involves exercising when we can and being more conscious of what we put in our bodies. Let’s not forget that binge-eating is so easy now that we’re stuck at home. Watching our weight is definitely a must, too!

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. When I ask friends for recommendations on where to get healthy but delicious (the ‘delicious’ part is a must!) food, they usually don’t really have a lot of options to recommend. That’s why I’m so happy I discovered Nutrifam’s Shirataki Rice and Noodles.

Nutrifam Shirataki Rice

Nutrifam’s Shirataki Rice and Noodles are both keto-friendly and gluten-free, and only have 1g net carb and only 25 calories per serving! I’m not on a keto diet or anything, but the lower calorie count is a huge plus for me, seeing as how easily I let go of weight-watching during the earlier months of quarantine.

Nutrifam Shirataki Noodles

Nutrifam’s introduction of their Shirataki line definitely comes at the perfect time – a time when we all need to be more health-conscious. What I’d like to point out in particular is that there is no need to sacrifice on taste in order to eat healthier. Nutrifam proves that with their #NutrifamShiratakiSwitch line.

By switching to Nutrifam’s products, you can still cook all of your favorite rice and noodle recipes, and enjoy their taste. The only difference is that you won’t have to worry about calories and carbs when you do so. This will ensure that you keep your diet enjoyable and sustainable to suit your long-term health goals. Plus, they’re so easy to prepare – just drain, rinse, and enjoy!

Nutrifam products are available at the nearest supermarket near you, as well as on Lazada and Shopee. You may also check #WhereToBuyNutrifam and #NutrifamShiratakiSwitch

Nutrifam also has an ongoing 1 Year Supply Giveaway for their Nutrifam Shirataki Line, so make sure to check it out! 🙂


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