Dear Waiting Heart: A New Year Love Resolution for Yourself


Dear Waiting Heart: 


If he misses you, he’ll get in touch with you. 


He *will.* 


Whether or not he’s busy. Whether or not he’s changed his SIM & lost your phone number. Whether or not blah blah blah (insert whatever excuse you’ve made up for him here). 


He’s a man. And men are designed to go after what they *know* they want. 


Just observe them. 


When they want that promotion, they learn & do what needs to be done. When they’re into a tv series, they’ll find out how to download it and store it in a safe, acid-free place (next to the action figure still in mint condition inside the box). When they need to get to a tv set at a certain time to watch that epic boxing match, they find a way to make it happen. 


So if he doesn’t get in touch with you, he’s not thinking about you. 


Accept that, and move on with your life based on that. 


If he’s thinking about you but hasn’t gotten in touch with you because he has intimacy issues / rejection issues / (insert other excuses you’ve made up for him here), then just be glad you’re not his therapist or his mother (because you’re not). 


Move on, find a Man (not a therapy patient, or a little boy), and free yourself from this waiting. 


Life is out there. And so is Love. 🙂 Be available to it this 2012. 


Happy New Year Everyone! 😉



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