“Deadpool” Stars Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller Dish Out Free Pinoy Food To Fans: SISIG!

This is PRETTY AWESOME, you guys.

Looks like Deadpool and Weasel are all about the Pinoy food!

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller, who both star in the new “Deadpool” film as, well, Deadpool and his hilarious best friend weasel, dropped by the San Fransisco-based Pinoy food truck Señor Sisig and gave out some 300 sisig chimichangas to fans!!!

Food trucks are a huge deal in California, and Señor Sisig has been making waves in the foodie scene abroad! Way to go for Gilster Payumo, chef of Señor Sisig, for helping put Pinoy (well, it’s Pinoy fusion, but still) food on the radar in the States!

Take a look at some of the photos below:

 What Pinoy food would you want these stars to try next? Also, are you planning to watch Deadpool?!


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