Daughter flexes farmer mom and her squad

‘SUPERHEROES’ was the powerful caption Zara May Heria used to describe her mother Grace in a photo with her friends who are also farmers.

Credit: Zara May Heria

On July 30, Zara May Heria posted a Facebook photo which shows her mother Grace holding rice seedlings with fellow Filipina farmer friends.

The caption read: “S U P E R H E R O E S *Flex ko nga pala ang nanay ko and her squad,” followed by a heart eyes emoji.

We asked Heria to share with wheninmanila.com the story behind the strong photo above showing Filipina farmers that included her mother and her friends who pose in the field.

Heria shared her mother and some of her friends have been farmers for over 30 years already and that farming is the reason their friendship was formed.

“My mom is 58 years old while her friends are 40-70 years old,” Heria shares. And apparently, “mahigit yung iba po mahigit 30 years nang farmer at dahil na rin po sa pagtatanim, nabuo yung pagkakaibigan nila.” (Rough translation: Some have been farmers for over 30 years and farming was the foundation of their friendship.)

She shared that she took the photo in remembrance of them after her mom asked her to so she could give it to her friends.

When asked about what her mom and her friend’s thoughts were for going viral, she answered: “Actually ang nanay ko palang po ang nasabihan ko na madami ang nag like at share ng kanilang picture at siya po ay tuwang- tuwa,” (Rough translation: I’ve only told my mother that the photo got many likes and shares and she was happy about it.)

“Sabi nga niya ‘para malaman din nila kung gaano kahirap magtrabaho sa bukid’,” her mother told her that she hopes the photo would depict how difficult it is to work in the farm.

For her expectations from the agricultural sector of our country, she said: “I am not an agriculturist by profession pero anak ako ng magsasaka. I once tried to do their work noong bata pa kami at sobrang hirap po. (Rough translation: I am not an agriculturist by profession but I am the daughter of farmers. Once, I tried to do their work as a kid and it was extremely difficult.)

“I pray that the agricultural sector of our country will once again rise. I expect the government will hear and feel the cries and struggles of our farmers and they will take actions towards it,” she added.

“We were once one of the best in terms of agriculture and other countries before learned from us. Kung kaya natin noon, bakit hindi ngayon?” she asked. (Rough translation: If we could do it before, why not now?)

Zara hopes that all farmers in the Philippines would be noticed: “the farmers are doing their best. I hope that the government will do the same.” and added that “If we just know how to manage our resources especially the agricultural products, then we don’t need to buy in other countries.”

“Kahit na konting tulong po sa mga magsasaka ng Pilipinas ay malaking bagay na para sa kanila at sa kanilang pamilya,” she pointed out. (Rough translation: Even some help for Filipino farmers are a big deal for them and their families.)

Lastly, she ended our interview with a sweet message to her mother: “No words can describe how proud I am to be your daughter. Ikaw ang pinaka supportive na taong kilala ko. Mula academics hanggang extra curricular activities. I am proud to say na I am a daughter of farmers (niyo ni tatay). Alam namin na pagod na kayo pero you are still tryng your best to provide at makatulong sa family natin. Salamat po my superhero at mahal na mahal ka po namin.”

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