‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’: Return to the World of Thra

‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ takes us back to the world of Thra 37 years after the release of the feature film ‘Dark Crystal’. From the imagination of Jim Henson, ‘Age of Resistance’ gives us the same muppet mastery combined with modern day CGI and voices of a slew of well-known actors, including Taron Egerton, Nathalie Emmanuel, Simon Pegg and Mark Hamill.


The story takes us back to events prior to the ‘Dark Crystal’ film. In ‘Age of Resistance’, the Gelfling abundantly populate Thra unlike in the film. Of these Gelfling, Rian, a castle guard of the Stonewood clan, discovers something nefarious happening in the Tower of the Crystal.

With this knowledge, he seeks to unite all Gelfling against their Skeksis masters.

DaarkCrystal 3

In another part of Thra, Deet, a Gelfling of the Grottan clan, discovers something wrong happening to Thra in her subterranean home. She makes her way to the surface to seek the help of the ruling clan of the Gelfling, the Vapra clan.

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While Rian and Deet seek aid, Brea (who is the youngest princess of the Vapra clan) makes her own discovery of the origins of Thra. Together, these three primary Gelfling protagonists lead us on a journey of discovery that will unravel the threads of the fate for Thra itself. These three heroes hope to unite the seven Gelfling clans against the ruling Skeksis.

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This series on Netflix focuses on the lore of Thra before the events that take place in the ‘Dark Crystal’ film. If you know what happens in that movie, then you can’t help but feel sad for the events in this series. Nevertheless, the series provides us with some elaborately layered storytelling of the past of Thra.

The series is beautifully made, and the buildup from episode to episode leaves you wanting more. Don’t be fooled by the muppets or the CGI. This isn’t a series just for children. In fact, there are a lot of adult themes and gruesome deaths that cater to a more mature audience. The series tackles themes such as absolute power, friendship, and death covered in mystery and conspiracy.

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Of all of the themes in ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, I think the most important one is the finality of death. What do you do when someone close to you dies? How do you face your own death? How do you deal with your own impending death? The truth is, there is a fearful finality in death and the series shows us various ways of coping with it. In this case, the series shows its dark side.

Even still, the show provides use with a hopeful outlook in spite of the foreboding darkness that permeates throughout each episode. The series inspires you to overcome your own darkness. Not to fear, you are not in it alone. There are many around you to support you in your time of trial. The series shows you just how much support you can get if you are brave enough to make the call.

All in all, ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ is a beautiful addition to the lore of ‘Dark Crystal’. It takes you back while moving forward, and provides you with a relatable a hook of personal challenges you face on a daily basis. Give the show a try. The series is now streaming on Netflix.