#DailyMakeupTotal: Filipina Women Share How Much Their Daily Makeup Cost

If you haven’t noticed yet, Filipina women are sharing their #DailyMakeupTotal all over Twitter.

So, what exactly is it all about?

#DailyMakeupTotal is a thread that encourages women to share the makeup products they use daily and compute how much all of them cost in total. This thread was started by Ellie Centeno, the woman behind the makeup reviews-focused Twitter account called “@ellietalksmakeup”.

When asked why she initiated this, Ellie shared, “I’ve always been curious about how other people do their makeup and what their collections look like. I started to wonder how much my own collection was worth, and when I realized I had a staple daily makeup routine, cinompute ko lang siya. I just thought it would be really interesting what other people’s daily makeup routine consists of and how much their products are worth.”

She also added, isn’t meant to like, alienate anyone who spends “too little” or “too much” on makeup, as I believe there’s no such thing. I just thought it would be a cool social experiment!”

Here are some of the #DailyMakeUpTotal tweets we scored.

Here’s mine:

So, what’s yours?

Share your #DailyMakeupTotal in the comments!


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