10 Cute and Multifunctional Desk Essentials for a Productive Workspace

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, the things you put on your desk significantly impact your productivity and organization. That’s why it’s important to invest in items that will elevate your workspace and allow you to work efficiently. 

It may seem like a minor detail, but having some personalized or aesthetic accessories can also help you feel motivated! Transform your workspace with these adorable and multifunctional desk essentials. 

Cable Organizer

Cable organizer

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One of the effective ways to stay productive and focused is to maintain a tidy working area. Make sure your desk is clutter-free by ditching tangled cables. These elastic and durable cable organizers will give you a hand in doing that! You can easily install them on any part of your desk to keep your chargers, earphones, and other accessories organized. BUY IT HERE!

Acrylic Schedule Board

Schedule board

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This acrylic schedule board lets you write your to-do list and manage your tasks efficiently! You can place it beside your laptop or monitor to give you a more precise overview of your workload and better track which tasks you need to prioritize. It comes with a pen and has various sizes and light sources. BUY IT HERE!

Eye Protection Desk Lamp

Desk lamp

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Those who often work at night or have a dim working area would love this cute, portable, and rechargeable eye protection desk lamp! It has a dual purpose as the base can be used as a phone or book holder. You can even turn it into a handheld desk lamp. BUY IT HERE!

Pen Holder with Storage

Pen holder

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Adding this adorable pen holder with storage to your desk essentials will give an aesthetic vibe to your workspace! The storage features two layers, where you can put small items like washi tapes, sticky tabs, or erasers. What you’ll love about it is it comes with cute stickers, allowing you to personalize it. BUY IT HERE!

Clip-On Cup Holder

Cup holder

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Say goodbye to spills on your desk! This sturdy and space-saving clip-on cup holder will keep your beverage secure and within reach, whether it’s a hot coffee or an ice-cold drink. You can also take it with you if you’re planning to work in a cafe or hub! BUY IT HERE!

Monitor/Laptop Riser and Organizer

Monitor riser

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Aside from allowing you to work comfortably and improve your posture, this multifunctional monitor riser also offers built-in storage for your essentials, such as notebooks, files, and a keyboard. You may opt for one or two layers, depending on your needs. It’s perfect for those with a minimalist workspace. BUY IT HERE!

Monitor Memo Board

Memo board

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Stay on top of your to-do list using this acrylic monitor memo board. You can attach it to the side of your monitor or table to put your sticky notes and tabs on it to ensure they’re organized and for easy tracking of your tasks. BUY IT HERE!

File Organizer

File organizer

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Complete your desk essentials with this durable and multifunctional file organizer! It will definitely make your work more efficient by keeping all your important files secure and readily accessible. Since it has three sections, you can also store other accessories, including notebooks and sticky notes. BUY IT HERE!



Photo: Shopee

This pumpkin-designed paperweight can be used as a desk decor, too! You don’t have to worry about accidentally losing or crumpling your necessary documents. Plus, you can use it to hold pages of a book or notebooks. BUY IT HERE!

Under-Desk Drawer

Desk drawer

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Maximize your workspace with this self-adhesive under-desk drawer! It is sturdy and wear-resistant, withstanding repetitive opening and closing. For added security, you can also screw it under your desk. This is a great way to secure your small essentials and other valuable items. It features different colors, too! BUY IT HERE!


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