Customs Charge P6K for a Championship Belt; Customs Responds

Customs Charge P6K for a Championship Belt; Customs Responds

The Bureau of Customs is recently under fire for charges the department is imposing for imported goods and balikbayan boxes.

Netizens shared their own stories where Customs charged them unreasonable fees for gifts from their relatives abroad. One of them is Jujeath Nagaowa, except her delivery wasn’t a gift. It was a championship belt for an international flyweight title for the she won in Macau. Under Customs’ rule, she was charged P5,800 for the belt from the Women’s International Boxing Association.

According to a post she shared on Facebook:

Yes, it’s true, and yes, it hurts that after battling 10 full rounds of boxing for this belt, and after some days of agony of waiting for its arrival in my place, I’m so much disappointed because this big thing of mine is also waiting for me for a trade before claiming it.

Life must go on (and I’m just lucky enough with friends), so I must pay for it than losing the only evidence I could have that once in my existence, I gambled my life for a lifetime treasure that others may take over my throne but can’t take this crown.

Nagaowa won the belt after a match with a Chinese boxer. The P5,800 duty was derived from the belt’s P20,147.77 dutiable value

The Bureau of Customs Commissioner Bert Lina made a statement about the issue, saying that awards and trophies should not be taxed. However, she should get an exemption from the Department of Finance (DOF).

According to a report released today, Lina will meet with Nagaowa and return the amount paid. Lina also said that they may change the process so Filipinos won’t need to get an exemption from the (DOF).

The Bureau of Customs also announced that they would follow President Benigno Aquino III’s order to stop the random inspection of balikbayan boxes.

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