Custom Cakes By Bam Can Create Cakes for Practically Any Fandom

So it’s your birthday and you can’t have that party or the solo trip you had planned months ago. Well, a lovely cake could turn that around. Besides, who knows? It could be your sweetest, most buttery, creamy, salty-caramel birthday ever! As in literally. Because Custom Cakes by Bam delivers even during quarantine.

Whose birthday wouldn’t be charmed by this?

About Cakes by Bam

Custom Cakes by Bam is a premiere floral cake stylist in the Philippines popular for its buttercream cake, which has garnered acknowledgment from international cake enthusiasts.

Ms. Bam Piencenaves —Cake Artist of the Month, American Cake Decorating Magazine

Cakes by Bam is not all about floral cakes, though. They mainly customize cakes and desserts to suit the needs of their clients. They can make cakes for practically every fanatic.

One customer is a Toronto Raptors fan.

A Potterhead customer wants a Gryffindor cake.

A customer wants Thanos hand with the six Infinity Gems.

Wooh, this droid!!



The Passion behind Cakes by Bam

Ms. Bam Piencenaves, the owner, is a cake artist by heart. She has been in love with baking since she was six, so her mom enrolled her in baking classes. The mere thought of baking a cake for somebody who wants her cakes fuels her creativity.

Behind this lovely cake craft is also a successful story of pursuing a passion. Ms. Bam gave up her high-paying job for her love for baking. Just like anyone who left the corporate world for the pursuit of passion, not everyone understood her decision. Her wonderful husband supported her all the way, though. Awww!!

To prove that passion can go a long way, Ms. Bam Piencenaves hires passionate employees who were formerly construction workers, cleaners, etc., to train them to become excellent cake artists. She believes that skills are cheap, but passion is priceless.

Baking Classes

Ms. Bam is also the founder of Bake Happy Manila, one of the biggest baking focused groups in the Philippines with over 125,000 members. Her goal is not only to enhance the skills of baking enthusiasts, but also to inspire them to open up their own businesses. She teaches at her own cake studio, The Design Room, and holds online classes with The Bailiwick Academy.

Custom Cakes by Bam will also be launching a seamless online portal soon that will allow clients to design their own cakes and order desserts online.

Custom Cakes by Bam

87A Don A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City



Instagram: @customcakesbybam

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