Crying Kid Leaves Post Office Without Gift Package from Dad due to High Customs Fees


Have you ever been to a local post office excited to receive a package you’ve been waiting for…. only to find out that in order to get your package, you have to pay a whole lot of outrageous fees on top of the postage already paid for? 

That seems to be the experience many locals are having to go through with a seemingly inconsistent system for our customs and postal service. 

See this sad story below of a kid who had to go home empty handed as they did not want to pay the “unreasonable” customs fees that ended up costing more than the package itself. 


crying kid customs package price

Posted by Dana P.

i just wana share this to ya’ll. we were in the post office, the one at domestic road in pasay, to get my son’s package that was sent to him by his dad that he hasn’t seen for so long. I was asked to go inside this room to inspect his package in front of the customs officer then was asked to seat out for a while and wait for my name to be called. I did, and it only took like well over 2 mins. for them to call out my name. They handed me this paper which had the computation of the stuff i needed to pay.. and TO MY SURPRISE!!! they asked me to pay freakin’ 2300 pesos and it has a break down with all these fees that was very unfamiliar: postal fee, import processing fee, customs documentary stamp, plus the vat. for your info; this package is a GIFT from his father, we aint selling them plus the stuff inside, all together, sums only to 40 USD.. cheaper than what these freakin’ customs examiners are askin from us.. a lot of other people there were complaining as well. We went home without my son’s package that he has been waiting for for almost a year because they wouldn’t give it to me unless i pay the said amount, which I wasnt stupid enough to do… id rather buy them out here then. So my son went home crying coz he didnt get the toys that he has been waiting for. I hope you share this and voice out how heartless these people in the pasay post office are…


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