Creative Minds at the Mind Museum


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When in Manila, it seems a little bit difficult to imagine how creativity has anything to do with science. It’s easy to believe, but that couldn’t be more wrong. In celebration of the links between of creativity and art, the Mind Museum dedicated last Sunday, March 17 to creativity and how it’s marriage to science is a match made in heaven.

The Mind Burst is a monthly “party” the Mind Museum opens to future Einsteins and curios alike. We were lucky enough to be able to attend this activity, which featured the Innovations Fair, Brain Games, Conversations on Creativity and performances from the Philippine High School for the Arts. A Php 750 ticket (less if you have a student ID) gave us a pass to these great events, plus an all-day pass to the Mind Museum.

Let the mind burst begin! 


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Conversations on Creativity


People have said that the greatest way to shape one’s mind is to have a conversation with someone who’s mind is already great. In this ‘conversation,’ the Mind Museum gathered some of the most creative and  brilliant minds in the country to talk about how to take your creativity to different heights. After all, creativity isn’t limited to the arts. Setting your mind to it can bring your creativity to great new heights.

Featured in this talk (from left to right) are Dr. Joven Cuanang for Brain Science, Dr. Ricky Abad for Theatre Arts and Sociology, Member of the Company’s Moy Ortiz for music and Dr. Joey Balmaceda for Math and Science. In Dr. Joven’s words, “Once you have the need, you can create.” These are the individuals who have been able to do just that. 

As for the innovations fair, there’s nothing more amazing than seeing the future. From cat ears that can read your brain waves, Twister mats that can play music, helicopters that can take aerial shots, making your own yogurt with powdered milk and writing your signature in air, the mind reels at the things that one’s brain is able to create. 


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  These unique headsets read your brainwaves and allow you to control the game–with your mind.

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 These paints were made with beet root, tea and coffee.

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Can you believe that this piece of bamboo is a speaker?


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KAL is a bio-robot that supports life in his stomach!


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A remote-controlled wheelchair ala Charles Xavier.




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Thanks for letting us come, Mind Museum!


The Mind Museum
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Creative Minds at the Mind Museum